Plextor PX716A and Dell Dimension 2400 and DLA

I’ve just installed a 716A in my Dell Dimension 2400, in addition to the supplied CD-ROM, and the Sonic software (trial version) on the supplied CD.

I am yet to try burning audio or video as the primary purpose is to backup data and, like on my Dell laptop, I want to be able to drag-and-drop files. i.e. use DLA.

Having scanned a few posts, am I right in understanding that there are problems using DLA on this drive? I ask because I do not see the option in the drop-down menu for the drive, neither do I see a Format option, so how do I format CD-RW and DVD+RW?

Second question concerns the controller: this Dell has Intel 82801DB Ultra ATA Storage Controller and in another post someone says it must be SATA. Is that right? What should I do?

Many thanks.

Thanks to a thread originally posted by CornelisJ, I downloaded a recent version of DLA (v4.9) at the support pages of Iomega: Although the filename says upgrade, it worked like a full version for me.

I am still interested in learning more about ATA and SATA (see my original message) if anyone can help.

Dell Dimension 2400 only supports ATA drives. The user guide does not mention anything about SATA connectors.

Can I rest assured, then, that the PX716A should perform normally for me?

Many threads on this site mention SATA, not ATA, and I don’t know the difference. I’m obviously concerned that one or more of the advertised facilities of the PX716A may not work with ATA.

So far all I have tried is DLA write/read with CD-RW and DVD+RW, it may be some time before I get around to Double Layer or DVD-R. If ATA is going to be a problem, I’d prefer to swap the drive now, while its almost new, for one that’s fully compatible with ATA, rather than in several months time.

Many thanks.
A DVD burner newbie

There is no difference between the PX-716A and the PX-716SA, except for the interface they use to connect to your computer.

The PX-716A uses the standard ATA/ATAPI interface and hooks up to one of the IDE connectors on your motherboard. The PX-716SA uses a new interface standard called S-ATA (or Serial-ATA). This new interface was first used on hard disks and Plextor was actually the first manufacturer to also use this interface on optical drives. Some motherboards/S-ATA chipsets have problems using optical drives but since you’re using a drive with a standard ATAPI interface you won’t have these problems.

That’s exactly what I needed to know.

Many, many thanks