Plextor PX716 review cdrlabs

Ian from cdrlabs gave 716a a score of 9/10.
Other 16x burners with 9/10 score are BenQ DW1620A, LG GSA4160B.
Nec 3500 got 8/10.
From all dvd burners, only PX-708 and PX-712 got score of 10/10. I couldn’t agree more about 712 score (but Two_Degrees might disagree :D).

Nah, I can’t disagree. The drive they reviewed was really good and/or they got some good media batches. Heck the drive I have now isn’t too bad.

Hey, don’t forget me :wink:
Anyhow, let’s hope that now after they released a new fw for 708, Plextor will finally bother to release a new one for 712 as well, given that we haven’t seen a new fw since september! :a
Meanwile I’m very happy with my 8/10 NEC 3500 (with plenty of fw releases, full bitsetting and no riplock) :bigsmile:

hey, where you’ve been CVS? welcome back!!

Yeah CVS, things have happened since you were gone. I’ve caught up with you in total number of PX-712As owned :stuck_out_tongue:

in the review, they treated OPTODISCR16 as DVD+R???
or it should be DVD-R???
the media code differs by one ZERO?

just an observation :bigsmile:

And you missed the one ZERO in the benq forum as well. :wink:

I can’t agree more. Except the quoted prices apply to US market only. :sad:

Of course, performance and features like this don’t come cheap. With prices on Pricegrabber ranging from $115 to $150, it’s still one of the more expensive 16x DVD±RW drives currently available. At this price, you could pick up one of the new 16x drives from NEC and Pioneer and still have money left over for media. Of course, if you go that route, you won’t have nearly as many features or a company like Plextor backing you up. As usual, I’ll leave the decision up to you.

US$115 is just about what I paid for my DW1620 OEM.

my 716 TLA:0101 with fw 1.04 works very well. On the other hand my first 716 TLA:0000 even with newer fw was iffy over 8x. once RMA and got 0101, it was fine. Its was a real shame about two weeks after my rma they released the 0202 TLA

don’t worry KenW…i don’t notice much difference at all in performance btw my 0101 and 0202…however, they were both manufactured in Nov '04 and aren’t too far apart in serial numbers.


I dont, I have been looking at scan on here from 0101 and 0202 and I dont see real difference. what gets me is my friend John has 0000 he has fw 1.04 and his scans on media look very much like mine did on my TLA:0000, maybe little worse at 12x and 16x, but in general pretty close. What I dont understand is, what’s with all the changes if there is nothing wrong. I keep wondering if I should try for another RMA and hope to get 0304 or something. I guess I’m looking for grass to be greener over next hill :iagree:


What good is -R DL on 1.04 or 6x and 8x RW if no shop has this media.

KenW, the new shipment from my local bestbuy still TLA 0203 for both 716A and 716UF.


Local BB has 0203 also. And they are still doing rebate.

Dont get me wrong, but as you see i have number of drives, I’m always looking for the silver lining, :slight_smile:

KenW, I understand. Sorry I didnt elaborate before. What I mean is, if you want to RMA and hope for 0304, I think you might want to wait for 0304 shows up in local bestbuy, just to make sure.

you could be right, actually im pretty happy with 0101 and 1.04 im sure 1.05 will be even better. even on my other drives I usually burn 16x or 8x media rated to 16x at 12x as I fine most of my burns are not a full disk and since 16x is just last 500mb or on 716 only last bit, burning at 12x gives nicer burn. and 716 does great job at 12x on most media that will burn that speed.

hey KenW, i’m sure you already know that TLA revisions could be anything like a change to one of the screws. i like greener grass too though :wink: