Plextor PX716: led blinking amber




i have purchased today the plextor px 716a and i have a problem whit any DVD or CD support, when i put ad support virgin or original the led are blinking amber many times! This drive are defective ?



Amber means that the drive is reading or burning the media. When you first insert a media into the drive, it will try to read it so it’s normal if it blinks a couple of times.
You can always do the self diagnostic test to check if the drive is defective.


blinking amber whit all media type… for me the drive is defective


Without letting us know some more information we can’t help you. Did you try the self-test? Can your drive read or write anything? It it fails to even recognize media then it looks like it’s a problem with the drive. But, check if you installed it correctly and if you can, try the drive in another computer. If it fails there then you should contact Plextor or the store you bought it at and have it replaced. Good luck and let us know if you find out anything.


I’ve been having this problem as well. Sometimes my drive takes a really long time to read a standard dual-layer commercial DVD Movie. And often, after trying to read it for a while, the drive will start blinking amber 2 times. Usually, I have to eject the DVD, and re-insert it. Sometimes, I have to restart Plextools to get the blinking light to stop. I’m not sure what is causing this. It could be a software bug, or perhaps a hardware compatibility issue with my motherboard. Not sure.

I wonder how many other people are having this problem?

When the drive isn’t having these blinking problems, it seems to burn and read the media very well.

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ImBAD, if you’re trying to read/rip discs right after running scans, the drive is usually set to 2X read speed and doing anything (even recognizing the disc for CD/DVD Info) takes a seemingly long time. i’d just double check that in Drive Settings just to be sure that’s not the issue.


2 blinks means the drive has problems reading the disc. If it happens with all media, alll the time, the drive is bad. If it happens with a specific disc, ir is intermittant with that disc, send it back to the vendor for replacement–the disc is bad and can’t be read.

The sequence should be: insert the disc. The light should go amber for 10-20 seconds (CD about 10 seconds, DVD about 15-20 seconds), then go green. It should stay green until you do something like read or write. If you get a single blink or series of blinks, it is a drive diagnostic code. It it happens with all media, the drive is bad.


I’m not sure how to interpret my situation. Sometimes it starts up just fine, and other times I get the blinking amber light and have to reload the DVD. The drive burns and rips very well, though. So again, it may be software related or some kind of configuration problem. I will probably email Plextor to see what they say.

I also get strange errors with Plextools. Sometimes plextools 2.19a will boot up and take upwards of 99% of my processor power for no reason. I’m not sure what the program is doing, but it seems to get locked on something. Again, I think this might be some kind of bug in the program. I usually shut down the program and restart it.


i have done the RMA for my drive yesterday…



ImBAD, have you tried returning your processor to stock speed (disable overclocking) to see if there are any changes to the problem symptoms?

Just curious as to whether OC may be causing trouble with PlexTools…


Scan80269, I haven’t tried that yet. I suppose it would be worth a try.

Though, OC’ing has never caused me any problems with any other programs, and I have tested my system stability thoroughly with stress test software.

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