Plextor PX712UF drive does not recognize!



Have installed a new Plextor PX712UF (external) and it is plugged into a USB 2.0 connection. The drive will play a DVD, music CDs, mp3’s, etc. But I cannot write to it. At this point I am not trying to do anything fancy like burn a DVD, I am just simply trying to write to a CD-R. My computer recognizes the drive obviously but I get the following message when I try to access the drive with a blank CD-R in it.

(“the drive:\is not accessible
incorrect function”)

I went to Plextor’s website and downloaded the latest firmware update and installed but still get the above message.

So-called Plextor support tech helped me perform a “self-test” on the Plextor and it passed so we know the drive is working. They tell me it must be a software issue with my computer manufacturer and their responsbility stops with the self test. YA! I am running Win XP Pro and have 512MB of memory with a Pentium 4 processor. Can anyone suggest what might be the reason for the above message? Thank you folks. :confused: :frowning:


Welcome to the forums justaustin. I agree with Plextor that it looks like a problem with your system and not a problem with the Plextor drive. Have you tried hooking up the drive to another computer? That would really rule out any hardware problems with your drive. If the drive works there then please post the details on your system (hardware, drivers, etc.) since the problem most likely lies with your USB 2.0 interface which could be caused by bad drivers.


Are you using any actual burning software, or just trying to write to it with Windows XP? If you simply toss in a blank then click on the drive in Windows Explorer, that sounds like an appropriate error.


Tried Plex tools Professional and Roxio and kept getting the message to put in a blank disc even though there was one in the drive (even changed the disc several times). Update: Plextor is replacing the drive


After working all day with tech support at Plextor and not being able to burn using different burning software they agreed to send me a new drive. I will keep your suggestions in mind if the same issue comes up with the new drive. Thanks for the tips.