Plextor PX712SA best settings

hi guys
any1 got a plextor pX712SA drive?
who would like to let me know, if there is any setting that could be changed?
to get the best performance out of the drive.

plextools updated to latest
firmware update


should be posted in the Plextor forum…

is there something wrong with the performance as it is now?

best performance with plextor is in the garbage where it belongs :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a little biased tho, just had my px712 crap out on me after only probably burning about a hundred dvds some with problems and some without…

From my own experience plextor drives are too picky with media and are not the most reliable. I just bought benq 1620 will test and hopefully get some better results.

As for settings im sure in the plextor forum u can find advice about that.