Plextor PX712A fails to regocnize certain cd-r media

Since a few years I use a Plextor PX712A CD/ DVD burner, so far wihtout any problems. During the last months I found more and more cd-r media being incompatible with my drive. I had a bunch of Verbatim pastel disks, which are now gone. So I bought new discs but from another manufacturer (Sony). When I put in the empty cd-r the drive starts blinking and won’t stop. Before, it was blinking, too but after a short time the yellow led turned into green and I could start burning.

I had these issues with 90 minutes media first and thought it would be the problem but now I also have the problem with newer Verbatim media (not Tayo Yuden).

The drive has the latest firmware update (long ago from 2006 V 1.09). So I wonder if there is any chance for an upgrade some time.

Does anyone have an idea where the problem is? So far I had no problems burning DVD meida at all. It’s only the CD media which causes problems. Is the drive defective or could a firmware solve the problem. Is the drive just too old? Is there any way to get these media working?

Every help is welcome!


Sounds familiar. My trusty old 712A started doing that when I used it again after a considerable hiatus. Opening the drive up and blowing the lens with a can of compressed air helped it quite a bit but it still acts up some.