Plextor PX608-CU USB 2.0

I bought a Plextor PX608-CU USB 2.0 Plextor DVD Burner. I’m running Vista Ultimate, fully patched. It didn’t come with a driver disk.

I can get it to read DVDs just fine but I can’t get it to burn anything and my Plextools doesn’t recognize the drive as a plextor drive.

In my windows system information, it is detecting the drive as a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K16 USB device. I don’t understand why it thinks it’s Pioneer instead of Plextor. On the back of the device it clearly states PX608-CU… and I have it connected via USB 2.0.

Help!! :sad:

The 608CU is a rebadged Pioneer, just like some of their other drives are rebadged. Most likely the inquiry string was not changed if it reports it as other than a Plextor drive.
What recording sw are you using? Won’t burn DVD, CD or both? You should be able to use the Vista engine to burn CD. DVD or RAM. If it burns in Vista, it’s a sw app error.