Plextor PX504-A Jitter After Jitter



I’ve been doing a project with about 70 CD’s ripping and converting them to MP3 ready to write back to DVD’s (Space saving and convenient). So I thought I;d use my shiny new Plextor, all was fine until I started getting unexplained jitter errors on what appeared to be PERFECT audio CD;s, with not a scratch. I was using the latest version of CDex (1.50) and I had Jitter Correction on. I got a jitter error on one track so I tried it in my other drive (a Yamaha CRW something 8X CD writer) and it was fine, I got other jitter errors on other CD’s with the Plextor, tried the tracks again on the Yamaha again fine.
Sometimes it would do a jitter error and I would retry the track and then it would be OK, is something up with my drive or is the Plextor just not as good as I was told it would be, Plextor themselves said the black tray on this drive was to improve jitter correction, instead it seems to create more of them.
I would go back to the Yamaha drive for the ripping, but now it sometimes fails to recognise an Audio CD.
Does anyone else experience this Jitter problem on this drive, even on almost brand new perfect CD’s.


Originally posted by Bill Clinton
I was using the latest version of CDex (1.50) and I had Jitter Correction on.

Why do you enable jitter correction?
There shouldn’t be any reason to do it with your drive.
It’s corrected by hardware.

Did you try any other software?
Did you try the Feurio’s “Test Device”?

Edit: I forgot PlexTools! That’s the best to try with a Plextor drive, as G@M3FR3@K said.


When you want to rip audio with a Plextor drive there really is no better solution than the PlexTools software. Perhaps this isn’t the advise you were looking for but PlexTools was especially designed for the Plextor drives and will produce the best possible audio rips. You can download PlexTools via (or check our FAQ if you haven’t got an install disc)…