Plextor PX40TS and VCD problem


Sorry, it’s not about burning, but it might be a problem you people have had with your Ultraplex 40Max (PX40TSi)

With firmware 1.13, it’s impossible for me to read VCD movie under WinDVD 3 or PowerDVD 3/4 : the computer just locks up, and I can only quit the program using Ctrl+Alt+Suppr (when I’m lucky). This issue exists under 98, Me and 2000 for me.

(The VCDs are either originals or copies done by Nero

I must point out it’s still possible to read the dats under media player, but that’s all.

When flashing back to firmware 1.12, all these problems disappear!

I’ve contacted Plextor, but they stay mute (i.e. they don’t answer me)…

Have u got this problem too? Thanks for ur answer


Same happened too me
Just before i should send the PX40ts to Plextor, I changed the firmware to 1.12 and everythings just work fine.
I never get any answers back from Plextor??

TheBrabo :o

Thanks a lot for your answer.

So this is really an issue!

Firmware 1.13 is really better at audio extraction, so i wouldn’t like to swich back to firmware 1.12
The fact that VCD compatibility is broken is really a pain : the first time i’ve signaled that problem was in September 2001, but their answer was very generic and didn’t help.

Does someone know of any firmware editor?