Plextor px40 ts only does 12x DAE?

Hi everyone- first post here: I am a regular at Anandtech, and just discovered this great forum :slight_smile: Hopefully someone can help!!!
First off, here’s my system config:
Iwill KK266
Tbird 1 gig @1400
Pioneer 16x dvdrom (IDE)
H.Packard 40x ( rebadged Plextor, flashed to a Plextor 40 TS scsi )
Plextor 1210S scsi burner
2 IBM 36 LZX 18 gig scsi
1 Quantum 30 gig AS ( mp3’s)
Santa Cruz s. card, etc.

Here’s my problem: Last time I benched my cdrom’s , the 40 TS reader would average about 32 x DAE with CDSpeed 99.
I run 2 businesses, so I haven’t had much time lately to burn any cd’s with mp3’s , or rip any cd’s. Last night, I tried ripping a cd to hard drive, and I noticed it took considerably longer than usual. I ran benches, and here are the results:LINK
Since the last time the drive was running up to full extraction speed, I have added Win 2K SP2, as well as updated the Via 4 in 1’s to #431, and removed an Acoustic Edge sound card, and added the Turtle beach, to get away from the popping that drove me nuts :slight_smile:
I tried going back to the 429’s- no difference.
Does anyone think SP-2 would have that effect??? If so, why is just the reader effected ( notice the flat line in drive speed in the jpeg)
EDIT- tests were run at 1:1 speed.
Any suggestions would be greatly apprecated :):slight_smile:

I have also tried Nero Drive Speed, and made sure the speed waas set to maximum.

Hi , i’ve just posted nearly the same problem as you have, read my post next to yours :slight_smile: , and please if you have any ideas or if someone (preferably a GURU) find his way in here, just kick him my way ok? :wink:

Added the link, in case the two topics get separated more :wink: