Plextor PX-W8432Ti - OVERBURNING



i have a problem with my new Plextor PX-W8432Ti. It wont overburn properly!
i burned between 655mb-690mb taking 5mb off each try.the simulation (with nero, copying mp3’s) works with no problem.
so then i do the actual burn & that also finishes with no prob.
BUT when i want 2 play the songs at the end of the cd its like they’r not there!
i have no access 2 the files that come after the first 650MB.
its supposed 2 b a known thing that this drive can overburn.
is this what’s condidered overburning or is my drive faulty?
plextor says its not faulty cus it can burn ok up2 650MB.

i would like 2 know if any1 with this drive can overburn properly & with what program & what speed so i know if i should exchange it with the same model or get a different CDRW alltogether cus i need the overburning option.

Thank u,


Here is the message that Plextor Technical Support answered:

Dear customer,
Thank you for your interest in our Plextor products.
It is possible to overburn CDR and/or to use oversized Cdr’s with the
Plexwriter but we don’t give support about it because in many cases it’s a
matter of trail and error.
The Plextor devices are designed according to the standards that are used
for CD-Recording/Reading. (650 Mb/74 min).
And if a successful recording /reading is not guaranteed like this, you
cannot expect Plextor to support it officially.

Kind regards

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From: Sent: donderdag 27 januari 2000 198
Subject: Feedback Form
Submitted by ( on Thu Jan 27 1981 MET 2000
Name: ####
Company: none
Country: Italy
Product: PX-W8220Ti
serial_nr: ######
firmware_version: 1.02
CDR-Software: CDRWin (3.8a-beta), Nero (
SCSI_contr_info: Adaptec AHA2940UW
OS: Windows 98
Problem: I would like to report the problem about “OVERBURNING”
with the drive PX-W8220T(i). Even if both the programs (CDRWin and Nero)
tell me that the drive support this feature i can’t finish of burning one
oversized cd. There is no error reported but writing the “lead out” nothing
happened for several minutes after the end of mastering, the only thing
possible is to turn off power. I use Imation, Magnex and Verbatim media, but
the problem was the same. Here i report the output of PXInfo, and i would like to know if in future this problem will be resolved or not, your latest firmware was dated november 1999! Sorry for my english and many thanks for your answer, if will be one.
_____________________________________________Plextor Info Utility V1.04
Copyright © 1999 Plextor SA/NV
27 gennaio 2000!
Software information
Operating system : Windows 98 V4.10.2222 A
ASPI Manager : WNASPI32.DLL version 4.60 (1021)
Description : ASPI for Win32 (95/NT) DLL (Adaptec)
Hardware information
Host Adapter: 0 Adapter Type: aic78xx Maximum #
Targets: 16
Controller SCSI PCI Adaptec AHA-2940U/AHA-2940UW
Driver : Adaptec CHIM Family SCSI miniport
(Microsoft Corporation)
File location : C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\iosubsys\AIC78XX.MPD
File version : v2.21a
ID 2: PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W8220T V1.02
Read speed: 9-20 X CAV, Jumper Settings: 01010000

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i got this 1:

"The following has been writing by the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for

Now, since I am an engineer I will give you a technical overview of this
issue and give you the best possible recommendation.

First of all overburning is non commercial, hacker type function. The main
purpose of this (as I am sure you know) is to copy CDs which have more then
74 minutes of data. So, fine I will not dwell on this point. Given that all
the firmware and software and other things are functioning properly the main
clue in overburning is the media itself. There are many media manufacturers
and media models. Some of them claim to be over 74 minutes, some of them
are 74 minutes and can be used for more and some can not be used beyond 74
minutes. The only shore way to know is to try specific kind of media and if
successful stick with that media. As for software programs, I am aware of
two European and one US company that say they support overburning and our
drives. These are CD-RWIN (GoldenHawk), Niro and DiscJuggler (Padus). The
software designers approach is quite simple. They have some type of setting
in their software to allow you to do this and they simply send data to the
drive and hope there are no errors. They clearly say that there are no
Now, in our testing we have only been successful with some Japanese media
(like TDK, TY). However, we did not do the type of DVT testing that
official product releases go through.

So, to summarize there is NO limitation on 8x (8/4/32) for overburning. The
8/4/32 firmware v1.05 is capable of same functions as Other Plextor drives.
My recommendation is to use one of the above mentioned software and try many
different media until you are successful. In worst case try 4x writing speed
when overburning. For your reference you may visit some cites that are on
this subject.

Here are some good URLs to do background reading on overburning that might
be of help. The first one is particularly good.

Finally, It is Plextor’s policy to officially not guarantee support for
writing beyond 74 minutes on any of our PlexWriter products. Thus, we will
not officially consider this issue a bug or reason for product to be out of
our specification. All items in our specifications we stand behind and
guaranty. I hope I have been of help to you and you continue to view Plextor
as a positive and helpful company. We certainly are proud of our products."