Plextor PX-W8432Ti - OVERBURNING



i have a problem with my new Plextor PX-W8432Ti. It wont overburn properly!
i burned between 655mb-690mb taking 5mb off each try.the simulation (with nero, copying mp3’s) works with no problem.
so then i do the actual burn & that also finishes with no prob.
BUT when i want 2 play the songs at the end of the cd its like they’r not there!
i have no access 2 the files that come after the first 650MB.
its supposed 2 b a known thing that this drive can overburn.
is this what’s condidered overburning or is my drive faulty?
plextor says its not faulty cus it can burn ok up2 650MB.

i would like 2 know if any1 with this drive can overburn properly & with what program & what speed so i know if i should exchange it with the same model or get a different CDRW alltogether cus i need the overburning option.

Thank u,


My plextor 4220 also has that problem,I think they all have it