Plextor PX-W5232TA/NE Premium



Plextor Japan has sold out all PX-W5232TA Premium and PX-W5224TA (black and beige versions) drives on their online shop.
They also stated that there will be no new CD-R drives produced. So if you are interested in getting a Premium this is the last chance to grab one at your local PC store.


Thanks for the info.

Am i correct that the PX-230 ( has never been on sale in Japan?


Hwp> I have seen it once on sale in Akihabara, Tokyo but that was imported by the shop (no maker support and only a 2 week money back warranty). The PX-230 was never sold officially by Plextor in Japan.
We also dont get Plextor Media, Plaxtor Flash Memory, Plextor HDD or any DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive.
The Last CD-ROM drive on sale by Plextor was the PX-40TS and for DVD-Rom there was the PX-320A CD-R burner with DVD reading capabilities.


What a shame! No DVD burner to date equals the Premium when reading or burning CD’s. :frowning:


Yes it is a shame. But on the other hand I dont think that demand for CD-R drives is big enough for them to produce new Drives. Many friends of mine replaced / are replacing their CD burners with DVD burners and many other people are doing so too.


What a shame! No DVD burner to date equals the Premium when reading or burning CD’s.

Nice trick how did you accomplish this miracle? :bigsmile: :eek:


That’s too bad because the Plextor Premium is the best CD writer I ever had. Actually, I’ve owned three of them and I’m on my last one right now. Considering Plextor’s wonderful past producing very high quality CD burners, coupled with their recent and rather lousy performance making DVD burners, this is sad news. :sad:


Two weeks ago my second Plextor Premium died; this drive was only 14 months old. My first Plextor Premium also lasted just slightly more than a year. Great drives but where is the quality? I can honestly say that Plextor has changed. I have owned many of their drives for about a decade. Their old SCSI drives worked great and lasted 5 plus years on average for me.

Modern Plextor drives seem to die early and have many more problems than their “old” ones. I wish Plextor would go back to its quality days and start making excellent drives again. I am getting fed up with Plextor and its !@##$%^& :a