Plextor PX-W4824TU

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will someone PLEEZ tell me how to get & install plextools. i am in the US. i have 5 plextor drives. i realize it is not distributed with the us drives. so what? why can i only find upgrades that i cannot install without the original program? thank you.

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I just picked up this bad boy. I’ve skimped on CD-Rs before and been burned multiple times (yeah it takes me a while). Previously I had a Yamaha 16x burner and I had nothing but problems. After trying every possible solution I figured the problem was either a Windows 2000 + motherboard problem or a defect with the drive. Either way I’d had enough with both the IDE interface and cheap CD burners. So I picked up this drive. So far the drive works -exactly- as this review implies. Everything -just works-. Mad props to Plextor… the extra cost is worth it if I don’t have to screw around with getting it setup for hours. One last thing I’d say is that the drive is way more quiet than the old yamaha and it burns perfectly fine using a PCI USB 2.0 card at 48x using Maxell media on my AMD 1600+ XP. Thanks for the -kick ass- review. Keep it up!

A couple of things that I forgot to mention: One thing that might be obvious but I hadn’t really considered is that this drive is not bootable from the bios… so you can’t use it to reinstall windows or linux. Also the drive doesn’t come with the classic (internal) CD to soundcard audio connector. It has RCA style (red and white) stereo outputs on the back… this means that you need a cable (generally RCA to 1/8th inch headphone) to attach the drive your sound card’s line-in. For me this is a negative since I use the line in for other purposes… but its not that big of a deal to switch this up when needed.

Where can I get the driver for the DVD ROM LTD163? I’m going insane trying to get a flash to update it so it works