Plextor PX-W4824TA

I’ve just purchased the above burner as I was assured that it would write CD+G bin files for Karaoke Disks. I have not yet be able to complete one without error. I have been told that I may need to FLASH it. Can someone please explain that to me! Also if anyone has any advice on CD+G burning, especially if you have the same burner or similar, it would be very appreciated.



I dont know about your karaoke thing, But when it comes to firmware you can go to:
and download your firmware. Choose the self extracting firmware, much easier :slight_smile:

mring: what progr. do you use to burn kareoke discs with and at what speed??


All plextors will write the cd+g sub channel needed to write a karaoke disc. The problem your most likely are having is the blank media or how fast your recording speed is. I use alcohol 120 and I have a 48/24/48 and records perfectly. I don’t use any of the writing tools that came with my writer although this might be a option for you. Alcohol 120 tunes the speed of your writer to that of the blank media your using, example if your using 24x media it will only write to the speed of 24x even if you have max. selected.Hope this helps you. Bassman1953