Plextor PX-W4824A

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Negative Points: DAE and CD-RW reading is limited to about 42X
AND YOU WOULD CALL THIS BAD?!?!?!? i know it is alittle* different from what they claimed, but it is a fuc*ing high reading speed! :slight_smile:

Great review as always! :slight_smile: I wonder why Plextor bothered to implement this SpeedRead thing when the difference is so small (max. 46x vs. max. 42x) Surely this small difference can’t be so much more dangerous? Other than that it seems like a huge improvement over the Plextor 40x. btw. why not use CD Speed 1.00, it supports 99min discs.

@cico85: Plextor drives have always been considered to be the fastest DAE drives available. Their 40X model could already do DAE at 42X so we were a little disappointed. There are other drives nowadays that can do DAE at 48X without problems. So yes it’s a negative point. @cdrfreak: Nero CD Speed v1.00 didn’t work so well for us as we had some problems with our tests. Transfer Speed didn’t go faster than 24X for instance… So for the time being we decided to use good old v0.85e.

Good review! The Plex seems to b a decent drive…IF the price was lower…there are drives that can “handle” much more protections,for a much lower price,… Sorry Plextor,you can’t sell a drive to me…:4

Nice review! I already ordered one. The price €134,95 was also nice … :*

Please Compare the plextor 48/24/48 to the teac 540A. I am deciding between the two. i don’t care as much about speed, or noise as i do about good backups of a large variety of media. Compare, Contrast… Thanks for you help in advance… T

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