Plextor PX-W4824A problems

I have a few questions about the new 48/24/48 CDRW drives from Plextor :

  1. Does the Plextor PX-W4824A drive vibrates with some media ? I have one of those drives as well, TLA # 0000 and it vibrates with lots of media, and not only at high speeds, but at 10X-16X as well. I was wondering if it is defective or if all the TLA # 0000 do the same.
    The drive simply makes very weird noises when reading/writing certain discs, Traxdata 40X for instance, and not all of them, because it only makes the weird noises with say 2-3 discs out of a spindle of 10 discs.

  2. About the PX-W4824TU, the USB 2.0 drive, can it be removed from the external case and used as a IDE drive ? And most importantly, can it be put back afterwards ?
    I don’t worry about warranty, but I just want to know if it would be possible to remove the drive from the external case w/o braking anything.

I’ve already answered your questions via e-mail but I’ll also post here so other users can read it:

  1. Yes this is a problem with some drives made before September of this year. It tends to vibrate a lot with certain unbalanced and this problem has been fixed with newer models released after and during October. Nothing you can do about this, sorry :frowning:

Plextor’s reaction to the vibration problem as mentioned on another website (HardwareZone):

“(We found out that) when an unbalanced disc is loaded, vibrations will occur. To solve this problem, we’ve changed the mold of the PX-W4824TA’s mechanism. PlexWriters (PX-W4824TA) manufactured from October onwards will have solved this problem.”

  1. Yes the external drive is the same as an internal model. You can open the case and remove the drive quite easily to use it as an IDE-drive. I do not know for sure if this voids your warranty though so check with Plextor first.

Thanks so much Gamefreak, you’ve been a great help.
Also, if anybody is interested, GF has discovered that the external drive can indeed be disamantled and used as an interal IDE drive and even put back in it’s original case if needed.
Great work Dennis ! :bow: