Plextor PX-W4824A and TU CAN do CDS200!

Here are some results of my experiments with Cactus Data Shield 200. There were some rumours that the latest Plextor drives couldn’t read this protection and today I bought a disc to verify this. I’m not 100% sure that the disc uses CDS200 but I think it is judging from the player that’s on the disc (Bitte Ein Beat 5 -

As you can see this disc is protected by Midbar Tech, creator of Cactus Data Shield. Here’s a screenshot of EAC trying to read the disc. In the first screenshot you can see that the track list is completely messed up and in the second screenshot you see the (expected) failure:

Well I had almost given up but then I tried PlexTools and enabled the ‘Enable Single Session’ option:

Now look what happens when EAC is started again:

Voila the correct track list with the correct lengths and sizes! A final screenshot of the DAE process completed successfully:

So the Plextor PX-W4824A and TU drives CAN read CDS(200)! I hope this clears up some of the rumours… I’ve used:

-Plextor PX-W4824A internal drive, firmware 1.01
-Plextor PX-W4824TU external drive, firmware 1.02

Both succeeded in extracting the disc. I’m also working on some tests with the Doc.loc audio protection but this will be included in the upcoming review only… Stay tuned! Reactions and experiences from other users are welcome.

Search for the file ‘version.txt’ somewhere in the datatrack, in it is the used version of CDS200.

Thanks uppie :wink:

3.0 build 12b

Nice job ! Now i know what my next drive could be.

…NICE!! Mine´s here today! Think I´ll change my name to “Sir Plexilikealot” after this.


I have a question about the way you tested audio protections.
Why did you use both EAC and Plextools ? Probably for U.S. readers who don’t have Plextools. But in that case what’s the result of the detect toc manually option ?

Anyway that’s a small point. I’m just curious.

Manually detect TOC worked but my experience was that it resulted in very slow extraction (I am not sure why this actually happens). PlexTools worked far easier and extraction was done at full speed in my case. PlexTools isn’t hard to find, even when you’re living in the US :wink:

Thanks for the answer

Yesterday I did a similar test on the new Roxette album (Ballads).

The CDS version is also CDS200.0.4 3.0 build 12b.
Here’s how I did it:

hardware used:
P1-166Mhz, 32MB EDO, Plextor 12x SCSI CDROM
-> pretty old stuff hu? :smiley:

software used:
Feurio, cd-manager version 1.65

I took the Plex12CDROM as copy source, Feurio stated something about illegal TOC and asked to correct it. I resumed and selected all the tracks, pushed the “copy” button and 10 minutes later, the .wav’s where on my hard drive. Not bad for a 71min disc and a CDROM that reads audio @8x :slight_smile:

So if 8 year old hardware is able to copy those brand new cd’s, the best protection would be the quality of the music I guess :wink:

BTW, I do have some faster pc’s :wink: I just wanted to check the old P166 for what it’s still worth :slight_smile:

But do you know that if you play one of these Cactus 200 copyprotected cds on your pc it installs it’w own WMA codec on the machine (and who knows what else). That is what the local BMG-office in Finland told me. They also told me that the only way to remove the codec is to uninstall windows media player (can it be done?) or to format the hard disk!

Novako I did see that the player installed something (checked with RegCleaner and then deleted its registry entry). I have experienced no negative effects at all. The codec must be used by the CDS player to play the audio files properly. I don’t think it does anything else.

Plextor RuleeeezzZZZZ!!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


Setting the plextor to ‘Single Session’ using Plextools was only half the trick.

Due to the deliberate errors from Cactus, the extracted file contained hickups that were both hearable and also clearly visible in CoolEdit

Only when I reduced the read speed to 1x the result seemed OK. I’m not 100% sure that the file is 100% correct, but at least I can’t see or hear the errors anymore.

Even in secure mode? If secure mode doesn’t work, then try cdrtools :slight_smile:

Guys Acohol 120 will read just about any kind of protection out there. Bassman1953

So how is PX-W4824A with CDS 200 ?
Can you make a perfect copy with enabled single session in plextools and ripping with EAC secure mode ?

Why use EAC when you can use the same PlexTools to rip the audio? That works great (well that’s my experience) and even at high speed ripping (20x) the audio tracks sound perfect on my system. No clicks or hickups or whatever when ripping the CDS200 disc with a Plextor PX-W4824TA drive (using PlexTools v1.17, audio error detection enabled).

plex 12/4/32 can do CDS200 too…