Plextor PX-W4012TA firmware 1.06 released



[i]PX-W4012TA V1.06

[ul]Fixed Bugs:
[li]A Write Error may be generated when additional tracks are burned in TAO without ejecting the media.
[/li]> Added:
[li]A few minor bug fixes.[/ul][/i][/li]Direct download link.



i thought plextor won’t release any new firmware for this drive.
i have it for 2 years now and its still up and running better than new junk drives.i beleive its of a better build quality than my PX-708A…

Thanks for the update!


I still use one of these too at work, the external version :wink:


Now that we’re all getting a bit nostalgic; 4/12C (works like a charm) :cool:


also got both of these, actually i did not have any other. Well the PX-R412C (good ol’ caddy) does not recognise cd’s in the first 10min (sometimes never), but the PX-W4012TA works as good as ever. it’s great still having support for it.


[Nostalgic mode on] That drive(4/12C) really showed the way for me, along with good old clone cd [/Nostalgic mode off]

Premium=Saticfactory :cool:
708A= Dissapointing :frowning:


I think that the thing with the 708A is that the quality is very variable and not all-around bad.

Lots of people (including me) have one that hums along perfectly with zero problems. Many other people have 708A’s that choke and die (including me, last January.)

I think it’s more of a question of the quality control on the production lines as opposed to the design of the product.

The PX-4012TA was made in Japan. The 708A was made in China. Clearly, they are on different production lines.


My first Plextor drive was the PX-W1210TA. It cost me a fortune but I worked so well with CloneCD. Ahh those were the days! The drive is actually still working and being used in my brother’s computer :wink:


I have this drive for about 2 years now. Not a single problem with it.
Burnin and readin