Plextor PX-W2410TA firmware v1.02

Anyone tried the upgrade … just wondering if it still does safedisk 2 ? I know I asked the same question for 1.01, but you can never be to sure :slight_smile:

Read our review at: this will answer all of your questions, the tests are done with version 1.02 as first on the world :wink:

They made SafeDisc 2 handling even better… See the reading times :slight_smile:

i downloaded v1.02 from the european site (i live in canada)
because it was not available for the north american site.
will this cause problems? tony (tech guy at plex) said the latest
version was v1.01 for north america and that the differences
in the v1.02 basically were due to different voltage/electricity
ratings for different countries. of course i forgot to mention this
to tony . . . damn newbies!!