Plextor px-w1610a and cdrwin trouble


I run into a lot of trouble using cdrwin. Writing cd’s seems to go just fine, no errors in that part. Problem is that i can’t acces the wroted cd…I also use clonecd and nero without any problems…

Anybody with some good advice


asus cubx p3-866
firmware 1.02:confused:

It is a serial problem.
Don’t use a keymaker, just buy it. It’s a nice piece of software.

thanks Kay,

p.s. you’re probably right about buying it…No i wasted about 10 cdr…(no recordables in the house)

Yep, CDRWIN is well known for this. They have a really good protection for their serial keys. Try using an older version that has been tried and tested with a working key.

Otherwise if you use it alot just buy it. All your problems should go away then :slight_smile: