Plextor PX-W1210TA TLA# 204B

I would like to hear any experiences with this burner
with TLA# 204B.

Please make sure you have the same model number and TLA.

I have been doing a lot of reading and have not come
up with any definite answers as far as copying subchannel
data tracks.

I have also read about a Jumper mod (nice of Plextor to include the spare jumper). Does the jumper mod do anything
for subchannel?

What is the proceddure for loading CloneCD? Do I have to
remove the Plextor software first?



I have no experiences with yout TLA# but I can tell you some other things:

I do not know of any jumper settings to enable SubChannel Data reading. Either your drive or cannot read this data. You should try with a PlayStation game. Use these settings and see if CloneCD accepts them and if the back-up works:

-Read oth SubChannel Data’s
-Don’t Repair SubChannel Data.

There used to be a problem with Plextools and CloneCD installed at the same time but these problems have been fixed. You can use both programs without any problems.

Hope I’ve answered some of your questions!