Plextor PX-W 48234 TU and Windows 98 (first edition)

I run Windows 98 (not SE) on a P3 500 (ram 390mb) (with usb1) and for warranty reasons do not want to upgrade the OS on this particular computer. (useful free lifetime tech helpline).

I have a Plextor PX-W 4824 TU which, I believe, is a nice piece of kit and eventually will be run on usb2 and possibly Windows XP. However, after buying it, I realised that it is meant to run on Windows Second Edition or later and preferably (though not necessarily) with usb2. The Plextor runs really well at times but can cause unpredictable irritating-type problems.

This may have been asked before but does anyone know a way of getting this burner to work well with the OS? I do not know of a driver that is compatible.

Windows 98 + USB1 + Plextor= Poor Results. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

USB 1 is your problem, the data throughput is just not available for it.

There is support for USB2 under Windows 98 but that would require you having to install a USB2 controller in one of your PCI slots… of course, from what you said before this might not be an option as that may stop you from having the support/warranty anymore.

Hmm. other than that, there isn’t much more of a solution that can be offered. I know that most plextor drives work fabulously and nobody that I have heard has ever had a problem with them… it’s just this massive limitation on throughput due to the specification of USB1…