Plextor px-tv402u Questions

Hi Guys, I just picked this card up and would be greatful to anyone who may have this card to help me out, as I am about to take it back lol :ā€™( I would really appreciate your time if you could help answer some of these questions.

  1. For some reason, when I connect my sattelite to the Plextor via composite inputs, all looks well, however when I hit the record button through the winDVR 5 software, the picture on screen goes black and white until I hit stop recording. When I check the recorded video, the video is in color so that is good. However I would like to watch what Iā€™m recording in color as it records, rather than have to watch it in Black and White. Any way to fix this?

  2. Is WinDVR5 the best software to use in order to record in DIVX or MPEG2 with the plextor tv402u?

  3. When I open WinDVD Creator and click capture video with plextor, it crashes each time immediately. Any ideas why?

  4. What is the best custom settings to use with the Plextor to record say an hour worth of video in DIVX format to equal 900megs and be the best possible quality for DVD recording?

  5. I also have a hauppauge PVR 150. Would it capture a better quality cap with that card in MPEG2 format, and then convert the video with AutoGK to an xvid version compared to the Plextor ConvertX tv402u? If so I may take the Plextor back.

My computer specs:
HP m7640n Media Center PC
AMD 64 x2 5000+ Dual Core
2GB DDR2 Ram
NVIDIA Geforce 7600 GTOC Video Card
Hauppauge PVR 150 TV Card
Plextor ConvertX PX-TV402U
2 Hard drives - 320gb + 250gb

Thank you so much for your time! Have a wonderful holiday season to you all!