Plextor PX-NAS4 - NAS box review

I just posted the article Plextor PX-NAS4 - NAS box review.

In this review we take a look at the new NAS box from Plextor, the PX-NAS4.

The PX-NAS4 supports upto 4 HDDs with a handy “hot swap” caddy system.

Let’s check out how this new NAS performs in our range of tests.

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What is it? what does it do/ how do you hook it up to your unit?

If you even looked at this article you’d know…
It’s a data box (essentially) which can connect to your LAN network via ethernet and/or esata data cable to a computer (which your computer could share over a network as well). However, the whole point of NAS equipment is to have access to the drives over a wireless network so certain types of equipment such as tablet computers and/or set-top boxes for home theater systems can stream, store and poll video/audio data from them.

Imagine having the contents of blockbuster in this box with 4 x 3tb hard drives… 12tb of standard definition video data. Of course it only comes iwth 4 x 500gb drives but I bet it’s upgradeable. Plextor wouldn’t be that stupid to design a box w/o being able to upgrade the drives to at least 3tb each.

Blimey, looks the biz to me, just what I need. Now where’s that dosh? Beecee

Still glad I went with Synology for my NAS. LOVE IT!

Unfortunately, the setup does not allow auto rebuilding of the RAID array should a single drive requires to be replaced.
Hmm… that’s unfortunate indeed.