Plextor PX-L890SA



Have you ever heard of this Plextor ?
Newly apperared here

different design…no more informations. Optiarc rebadged, Lite-on rebadged ?


My guess it’s a LO rebadge based on the MTK ‘B’ series chipset, similar to the Asus DRW-24B3LT.


It was my guess too, after a few search :flower:


NE has the L890SA pictured and from the connector type, it seems to be a NEC-based chipset, perhaps making it an Optiarc AD-7261S.


I have no doubt that is a clone of iHAS424 B or Asus DRW-24B3LT because the buffer size is 1.5MB and supports PlexUtilities.


2601, I think you mentioned you were able to crossflash these ‘B’-based drives to LO; I can’t seem to get FU to write to the 24B3LT or iHAS324 B (not that I want to for the latter), as shown here.


There’s some differences from this drove and the PX-880SA?

I have read that the 880Sa have got a Mediatek chipset… is it correct?

And what is the L890SA Chipset? Mediatek too?