Plextor PX B940 SA - system requirements



I want to know if the Plextor PX B940 SA will work properly with my computer, which is an HP Pavilion equipped with Windows Vista SP2 (thinking about an upgrade to Windows 7 soon). Processor = Intel Core2 Duo 2.2 Gigahertz; Primary memory cache 64 KB, secondary memory cache 2 GB; 380 free GB Hard drive free space.; Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS video card. Thanks for any help on this one. Rollon.


Welcome to the forum RollonParker :slight_smile:

As long as your MB has a SATA connector on it the Blu-ray burner will work with your PC. You can learn more about this drive here on club.myce, your drive happens to be a clone of the PIONEER BDR-205.


I think the most important part in your case is the used SATA controller (chip) & setup.