Plextor PX-AV100U driver needed!

I have lost my installation disc for my Plextor ConvertX PX-AV100U ( . All I need off of the disc is the driver. I have all of the software installed already, but I do not have the driver anymore.

If anyone who has this peice of hardware can forward me the driver, I would really be appreciative.

Almost forgot, this is the update - NOT the driver -

So is this -

Neither of those work. Just FYI.

Nevermind. I found the driver. I have just spend over an hour for the 3rd time with tech support. This doesn’t work, get this, because my system is “too good” for it to work correctly. WTF?! I have too many audio inputs and the WinDVD software keeps trying to access them for audio signals instead of the USB A/V input.

I hate plextor and I think this has convinced me to never buy their crap again.

Hey I have the same problem you had, with the same device. And i cannot seem to find a driver anywhere for it. So i was just wondering what exactly you meant by i found one after 3 hours with the tech support or whatever it was. How did you get one?


Hi Mexiboy and Welcome to CDF. phin666 hasn’t been online since: (Last Activity: 08-02-2006 19:59) So I am moving this thread to the Plextor forum where someone can hopefully help you out. :slight_smile:

Thanks crossg

If the upgrade won’t install for your hardware, just request a new disc from sales.

i need these same drivers to dude

Did you ever find the driver for the PX-AV100U? It’s the weekend and I also needed it but obviously their tech support office is closed.

If you did find it, I would certainly appreciate it if you could email it to me.

If not, I’ll just have to wait.


What’s the problem installing the driver upgrade? It’s the same procedure as with the originial ones …