Plextor PX-891SAF PLUS



the last firmware is again the 1K7 version??


Just read the last few posts in this thread about the booktype stuff in ImgBurn not working…

It does work if you use the right tab (i.e. LiteOn), but the automatic stuff will be trying to use Plextor commands (and NEC in the case of the Optiarc drive). That’s why the log entry looks like things have failed - ‘invalid command operation code’ or whatever.

You can work around/fix that by adding the device ID via the ‘Configure Drive OEM’ screen that comes up when you click the ‘Advanced’ button on the ‘Change Book Type’ window.

I’ll hard code those two drives as liteons so they’ll work without needing to do the OEM stuff in the next release.


just recieved px-891saf plus-r retail (11/09/17) and every program i have used so far shows it having firmware 1.KU not 1.K7 do i need to upgrade or is 1.KU a new firmware? thanks!


the 1.KU is the last firmware , the previous version was 1.K7.
This version firmware solved the problem of Booktype , now the DVD+R DL burned for Audi Navi work very well and also improve the burning quality.


Verbatim DVD+R DL 8X
Mediacode: MKM003 Made Taiwan (from old Cake Box)
Plextor PX-891SAF Plus fw.1.KU
Burned at x4 —>Possibility to Burn 4x 6x 8x

Mediacode: MBIPG101-R10-65 Made in India
Plextor PX-891SAF Plus fw.1.KU
Burned at x4 ------> Possibility to burn Only 4x


Is the V1.KU firmware posted anywhere? Vinpower seems to have firmware and software (Plextools) updates but only distributes them by email, on request.


Here is version 1.K9. Seems to be new. Maybe identical to version 1.KU. Maybe not.

(Firmware 1.K9 for Plextor PX-891SAF-PLUS)

Maybe someone else could upload it to FirmwareHQ.

It’s quite awkward that Vinpower doesn’t offer firmware downloads on their website. Changelogs would be great, too.


Thanks for the upload! And yes … changelogs would be good, and consistent with usual industry practice.


Here is Firmware 1.KB for Plextor PX-891SAF-PLUS.

This link won’t be working too long. Somebody else please upload this to Firmware HQ.

According to Vinpower 1.KB is the same as 1.KU. It seems that newer samples of the drive are shipped with 1.KU installed, while 1.KB is the same for updating older samples.

No changelog. No official download link on Vinpower website. :unamused:


Mediacode: MBIPG101-R10-65 Made in India
Plextor PX-891SAF Plus fw.1.KB
Data : 7.59GB
Burned at x4 ------> Possibility to burn Only 4x

Verbatim DVD+R DL 8X
Mediacode: MKM003 Made Taiwan (from old Cake Box)
Plextor PX-891SAF Plus fw.1.KB
Data: 5.29
Burned at x4 —>Possibility to Burn 4x 6x 8x


Just experienced a repeated flash failure with this 1.KB flasher.

My drive originally came with 1.K8 and I updated it successfully with the 1.K9 flasher posted earlier this week.

In the same environment I unpacked the 1.KB archive into its own folder and ran the updater using elevated privileges. It allowed me to select the Plextor drive, recognized it is having V1.9 and listed the to-be-updated-to firmware as V1.KB. After some whirring it announced a failure and invited me to retry - which I did, without progress,

The drive was frozen with the LED continuously on. Windows recognized it as an unresponsive CD drive, and Nero reported it as having firmware V. OWKF.

Fearing it was bricked I went for broke and re-flashed using the 1.K9 flasher - successfully - returning the drive to its former, functional state.

It seems as though people have used this flasher successfully - so I’m at a loss to explain why it failed. Possibilities:

  • Different hardware variants of the drive
  • Flasher confused by long or complicated path name in finding folder containing the binary (if so, why then did it display the correct upgrade firmware rev?)
  • Some other idiosyncrasy which the integrated flasher does not have,


As mentioned earlier I successfully updated to 1.KB.

Drive seems to be working fine except for one thing. According to IMGBurn device buffer fills only up to 75 percent. With 1.K7 it was around 95 percent.

I informed about it. They’re investigating this right now.

Please report your problems as soon as possible to Vinpower. 1.KB seems to be bugged, maybe seriously flawed. You’ll find a mail adress on their website. Thanks.

(BTW: “Idiosyncrasy” is an Adornian way of putting it :slight_smile: My English is not good enough to answer accordingly. But, and that’s a big but: I could in German.)


I’ll stick with 1.K9 then.

I was going to ask Vinpower about the flasher, but they might balk since they did’n’t … um … actually send me the misbehaving code and it isn’t publicly posted.

There is a posting on which says (translated):

Special firmware version for duplicator drives and print robots. Included with update flasher and firmware version. FIRMWARE IS NOT INTENDED FOR RETAILED VERSIONS - THE DRIVES MAY NOT WORK AFTER UPDATING CORRECTLY IN COMPUTER KITS.


The misbehaving code is publicly posted: here and on They won’t prosecute you for using it, at the most the uploaders for distributing it. But I’m perfectly sure everybody will be fine. (Except our PX-891 SAF Plus, but that’s another story.)

So PLEASE contact Vinpower and tell them what’s happing. The more feedback the better.


So, where does one actually find these for sale in Europe(or elsewhere) currently ?

The RETAIL version that is… at a reasonable(?) price.
And most importantly, deliverable to a non-EU country, but in Europe.
Yes, tough limitations, I know, but… heh.

Direct links would be nice, if any.

Found this one below, but does not allow for shipping it to me, so… :


PS: yes, I know about (costly) forwarding companies, but do not want to mess with that for this thing/right now.


Looks like Vinpower released the latest firmware on their website.

Change Log:
Optimize FTI CDR writing strategy
Optimize MKM CDR writing strategy
Optimize FTI DVD-R writing strategy
Optimize Maxell DVD-R writing strategy
Optimize Optodisc DVD-R writing strategy
Improve DVD+R DL writing quality
Improve DVD/BD Player compatibility on DVD+R DL media when booktype is set to ROM
Improve Device Buffer Management Control for legacy system compatibility


the prayers have been answered :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ah, that’s great news! And changelog, too! Finally something NORMAL. Very happy to hear that. :santa:

@ brennbart: sells PX-891SAF Plus for 60 EUR. A year ago the best choice was to order directly from I would try that. Keep in mind that according to the hardware of PX-891SAF Plus is identical to

  • LiteOn DH16AFSH Premium
  • Optiarc AD-5290 Plus and
  • PioData DVR-S21DBK-S21DBK Plus

All these drives are PLDS DH24AFSH (chipset MT1862N + OPU LiteSpice LO-DWH02B)


For the VinPower product the different are small ,

PX-891SAF Plus ----> Plextool Tool enable

Optiarc AD-5290 Plus ----> Overburn DVD+R DL enable
PioData DVR-S21DBK----> same features of Optiarc but sell for Asia Market


ok i have retail version of 891saf-plus I just recieved about 2 weeks ago. I just tried to use the update utility and it’s not recognizing the drive? it came shipped with 1.KU firmware so seems like 1.KB would be taking a step backwards anyway but 1.KB is dated 11/6 so can anyone clarify? motherboard is ASUS sabertooth 990fx r2.0 running win7 64. drive is def recognized. it shows in my computer and various burning/playback programs? so idk?