Plextor PX-891SAF Plus users, can you please share firmware dump? (or Lite-on DH-16AFSH-PREMM2)

I have a Liteon DH-16AFSH-PREMM2-11B model (fw: NV9R, manufactured in August 2017).

Since it has an old firmware version I’d like to update it. Also would like to cross-flash it to Plextor if possible.

I’d be glad if you can share firmware files dumped with DosFlash.

Did you try contacting the manufacturer for the latest firmware?

I didn’t, but I think REDKING2 in this thread contacted them and got no reply.

I wouldn’t expect any support anyway as this model doesn’t have a retail version afaik.

And I’d still like to try crossflashing to Plextor hence my request for a FW dump. I guess even dump of an older version should be enough for crossflashing then updating with the exe updater.