Plextor PX-891 SAF: Don’t Tell Me No DVD-RAM Support

After having the usual problems writing to DVD - and even to the allegedly more reliable +RW media, l found my stash of Panasonic DVD-RAM discs. Several months earlier I had installed this (authentic or badged?) Plextor drive mostly for CD ripping and for reading old data DVDs. And I just assumed that like an old Plextor 708 from years ago it could r/w with DVD-RAM. But now I see on the box no evidence of any such support. Why would this be as DVD-RAM is an especially robust and error minimizing format?

Nothing about DVD-RAM support. You sure it was this drive you were burning disks with? I know of nobody who has ever used the RAM format. There must be a reason for this.

The PX-891SAF is a LiteOn drive, licensing the Plextor name, and running customized firmware that supports some of the diagnostic features of the “real” Plextor drives of the past.

It is mainly aimed at the duplicator market and so it would be absolutely no surprise if it did not support DVD-RAM as nobody has produced that media for quite a long time.

Actually, it might have been the PX716.