Plextor PX-880SA LightScribe 24X SATA DVD+/-RW Internal Drive (Black)

I would like to no how this drive rates with LG and the other mfg’s

Is it Lite-On or Optiarc? ) Just curious.

It is a LiteOn iHAS224 or iHAS424.

The difference is it comes with PlexUtilities to do quality checks. With the equivalent LiteOn you’d have to use appropriate freeware (discspeed, not developed anymore) or buy its commercial successor Optidrivecontrol.

I like mine. Although if the Liteon one is sitting next to it on the shelf at Fry’s Electronics for a few bucks less, I’d probably buy the Liteon.

it is fast. it is stable.

Just curious. Anyone crossflashing either way, liteon to plex, plex to liteon?

If so what’s the process?

i have an HP DVD 1270i that is actually a liteon iHAS224A. If you guys are cross flashing plz let me know what firmware your using. I can only find stock firmware as this drive is so new.

Plex 880SA 1.06 firmware RitekF16 6x burn




Plex880SA 1.06 Verbatim india vs japan 8x burn

Plex880SA 1.06 TYG06 6x burn AWS on

Plex880SA 1.06 RitekF1 6x burn AWS on

DVD writer test

Verbatim india vs taiwan
Plex880SA 1.06 6x burn


“Plex 880SA 1.06 firmware”

1.06? Where did you d/l it?

AML003 @20x
All on

In the last scan, i see that the plextor PX-880SA show the jitter!

Done it attendible scans (with plextools and cdspeed or opti drive control)?


A Taiyo Yuden 8X -R Wited with Plextor PX 880SA and scanned with PlexUtility and Disc Speed

PlexUtilities together with a PX-880SA offers “Power Tune”, a function that let’s you take influence over the writing power of the laser, as did “VariRec” with original Sanyo based Plextor drives together with PlexTools.

The folks at have taken a look at the feature. Sorry it’s in chinese (you can use babelfish or google language tools to translate), but apart from the language their scans clearly show how the function influences Jitter:

So, Is it a good drive ?

Yes. Its a good drive. Is it worth the premium to pay as compared to the Liteon drive that it is? No. The Liteon drive is just as good and can be had for less and essentially the same drive.

Having said that, I’ve noticed someone “out there” has figured that out and I’ve seen this Plextor drive for about 20 bucks less than I paid for it.

Anyone figured out how to “retain” the Power Tune setting? It seems to reset back to zero as soon as you exit from PlexUtils as every time I start up the tool, it is back at zero.