Plextor PX-880SA-28 vs 880SA-26 and B vs S?



Does anyone know what is the difference between the PX-880SA-26 and PX-880SA-28 is? I also notice some are marked B and some are marked S. Does this mean anything relevant? All drives seem to have the LightScribe logo on them.


There are also Z and B i’m not sure if you mean S as in the same as the Z, but evidently c0deking said the Z has lightscribe, and B does not, and in his post in the new firmware stickies at the top, he said he had to make two seperate firmwares/flashers for it, currently my 880SA that HP’s lightscribe diagnostics utility says has lightscribe is on 1.13 stock firmware (what i got it on) and by my observations in what makes it what, its a Z…however neither the Z or B flashers prepared for flashing the patched 880SA firmware show that its ready to flash, meaning it’s either not able to flash 1.13 to a 1.13 (flash a patched i mean) or it needs to be downgraded to 1.12 or prior and then reflashed up to 1.13 patched…basically though the flasher says that status is 8004, which i don’t know what it means and in searching found others who said the same…curious what the deal is really…cvs or blackened may have a clue, c0deking isnt really as active as he used to be, but i sure would like a patched 880SA firmware, lucky for me though this drive performs really well on stock…as for the S? not sure what that revision is, and i’m sort of curious where exactly the 26 or 28 thing comes in, in my device it says “PLEXTOR DVDR PX-880SA 1.13 200”, if that means anything…