Plextor PX-820A, PX-820SA



Plextor PX-820A \ SA = chipset MC-10043\10044 + OPU Sony KWM-293A / Sanyo SF-DS18S(OEM\clones Optiarc\Sony AD-7200A\S)


TDK CD-R MBI 97m17s06f Made in India
Plextor PX-820SA fw 1.00
Nero 2015 x40


Fortis DVD-R MID:CMC MAG AM3 CMC Made in Taiwan
Plextor PX-820A fw 1.00
NERO 2015 x8


Hello, it’s time to try this Good Plextor PX-820 IDE Plugged by USB BOX from Waitec Action.
DVD-R Sony/DADC 4.7Gb Professional Printable (MediaID: SONY16D1).
Software was ImgBurn and write Speed @4x.
I think this Plextor is from Optiarc because look like those.


Now same burner, ImgBurn and a Verbatim DVD-R 16x Old version @4x.
This Verbatim version are the best DVD-R media that i know!


Now with:
Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4.7 8x (MediaID: TYG02);
ImgBurn @4x.

(I love this burner).


TDK Music CD-R AUDIO Ritek MID:97m15s17f Made in China
Plextor PX-820SA fw.1.01
ImgBurn x8



Philips CD-R AUDIO 700MB CMC Magnetic 97m26s66f
Plextor PX-820SA fw.1.01
Nero 2018 x8


Primeon CD-R 700MB ATIP: 97m15s17f Ritek
Plextor PX-820A fw 1.00
ImgBurn x8