Plextor PX-800 a 1.N7/1.N8 firmwares



Having troubles with VERBATIM media DVD+R Plextor PX-800A

I found Liggy’s hint for firmware update.

So I would like to have two questions please:

  • can I use this firmware when using WinXP?
  • Is there a way to get VERBATIM media working?


>You can only flash with other PX-800A firmwares or the 1.N7/1.N8 firmwares.
>The other firmwares rely on a different bootcode and will not work with your

thanks for help



You could try the 1.NC firmware which is also compatible with your drive’s bootcode.

However DVD+R from Verbatim should be supported out of the box already as they are well established media.


thanks Liggy for answering!

have done a phone call to plextor support because the Problem with VERBATIM DVD+R, where I got the answer that VERBATM is not listed in their compatibility guide for PX-800A!
Actually just a few manufacturers are listed for support.

I have tested two different types of VERBATIM media, one of them is DVD-R which works well, the other one is DVD+R and does not work - many errors!

Interresting is that Plextor is is not offering a firmware update to increase the compatibility for medias!???

Possibly someome with a Plextor PX-800 can tell about if his drive works well with VERBATIM DVD+R.

The point is that I do not know if the new PX-800 is really not able to burn VERBATM DVD+R’s or the drive is bad and has to be changed.

Would you suggest to try "1.NC firmware " or do a RMA?

thanks manilla


I loved my PX-760A, but this PX-800A does not give quality burns with Taiyo Yuden GY02, and it refuses to burn Memorex DVD+RW and several other +RW brands. I got this drive on an RMA from Plextor when my PX-760A died under warranty. They don’t make the 760A any more, and substituted this drive. It is inferior in ever possible way.

I too would love to get a firmware upgrade, but for some odd reason, even though the PX-810A has had upgrades, the PX-800A has not.

Bottom line: I think the model is a clunker, and the RMA probably won’t help. But, I guess you have nothing to lose …


@ johnmeyer,

Welcome to the Forum.

It’s been quite awhile now (about two years) since Plextor actually manufacture any DVD Burners. The last “Plextor” labeled DVD Drive actually manufactured by Plextor is the Model Number PX-760. All “Plextor” labeled DVD Drives after Model Number PX-760 are not actually manufactured by Plextor anymore but are actually re-badged DVD Burners from various DVD Drive manufactures. For Example: A so-called “Plextor” PX-800A is actually just a re-badge Optiarc AD-7170A DVD Burner.

In my book Plextor gave you the big shaft job when they substituted your PX-760A with a so-called “Plextor” PX-800A (Optiarc AD-7170A).



In my book Plextor gave you the big shaft job when they substituted your PX-760A with a so-called “Plextor” PX-800A (Optiarc AD-7170A).
Yeah, I am aware of that, and also found out shortly after I received this drive that it is OEM’d from another manufacturer. I produce DVDs for clients, and this thing isn’t going to cut it. I’m ordering a Pioneer 115D tomorrow.


I have an Optiarc AD-7173A which shares the hardware with the PX-800A. I almost exclusively burn Verbatim DVD+R and I cannot find a reason to complain about the results even though they vary a bit between different batches. But all discs have an MCC004 mid.

So the PX-800A should also be able to burn these discs with a decent result.


as Liggy’s Optiarc AD-7173A suports Verbatim DVD+R I think it’s the best first to RMA the [B]PX-800. [/B]

When next one suffers in same way, I will try 1.NC firmware !

thanks manilla