Plextor PX-760SA... Argh

Okay, first let me start I did do several searches on Google and on this forum about the problem I will explain in a second, but most solutions offered were mainly about installing Windows XP SP2. Well I have already that installed, so we can skip that. :wink:

Anyways; my Plextor PX-760SA (SATA) locks up when I try to burn a DVD every single time. It used to burn pretty good. But for some reason it won’t burn anymore and will just hang my PC when I initiate a burn. It hangs every time on the leadin. I cannot close the application which I use to burn, e.g. Nero 6 / ImgBurn / etc.
The only way to get my PC to function correctly is by pressing the reset button. :frowning:

I have tried several things; reinstalling Nero and ImgBurn, checked and updated all my hardware-related drivers and updated where needed, updated my firmware. But all without succes.

I am starting to get paranoid about this and if I can’t fix this soon I have to get some valium or something. :S

Thanks in advance for all your help…

Before trying any pill try your drive in another PC.

To…late… :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe your PX-760SA is not compatible with your SATA-Controller.

I have problems with ImgBurn.

Maybe the fact im using 2 recorders on the same PC…

Good luck next one!! :cool:

remove any non-MS SATA drivers.

That update of your driveers is most probably the cause for your problems. I think as theEye pointed out removing any 3rd party SATA driver and installing the Microsoft ones will solve the problems.

In my specs, my PX-760SA record very well but I have an issue.
What do you say? :frowning: