Plextor PX-760AUF...?!?!

I didn’t even know such a model existed…

It looks like it’s just warehouse cleaning of remaining parts (drives and cases) at Plextor. If i read it correctly he even mentions a scratch on the case, which could mean material that didn’t pass quality-control for visual reasons. He reports the drive to be unused and working fine.

No mention of any scratches on the case that I can see; it’s brand new in the box. There are four of them up for sale on Yahoo! Japan Auctions. Of course, it’d be pretty easy to make my own “760AUF” by buying a used or broken 740/750UF and putting one of my 760A drives in the enclosure.

I think the “F” just means firewire.

Heh, I didn’t realize the 760A had reached legendary status yet (referring to the white text with the red background at the top of the flyer from Tsukumo).

Of [B]course[/B] YSS has one:

Doh! :doh:

When i wrote [I]“If i read it correctly [B]he[/B] even mentions …”[/I] i [B]of course[/B] :iagree: meant YSS, because i just had finished reading his findings and therefore automatically assumed you were linking to his pages and so completely overlooked the fact that you had actually linked to Yahoo. Sorry :doh:

Edit: And of course ALL Plextor drives have legendary status, haven’t they? :smiley:

:iagree: I’ve got me enough Plextor burners to last the remainder of the CD/DVD era and can’t get excited about any of the “Einheitswurst” that Lite-On et al. are releasing these days (look at the Jitter of that new Samsung at speed!). I’ll get me a 755UF yet and then it’s “Schluss”. :slight_smile: :iagree:

More info on 760AUF:

hmmm they put a beige bezel in a dark external case…looks kind of ugly to me. It would look better with black bezel. That’s just me.

Also does this drive have RAM capabilities?

No RAM capabilities, it’s the same as the IDE and SATA versions of the 760.

I’m using Firefox and on the tab it says RAM so i thought maybe it had RAM also. I cannot read a word on that site :bigsmile:

Thanks for the info Two Degrees.

Yesterday I made my own homemade 760AUF. I got a new-in-the-box 740UF for the low-low off ebay and promptly removed the rebadged DW1640 contained within the enclosure. Well, not exactly promptly; it took me a while to figure out how to open it :o I put in my spare 760A and off I went doing a barrage of burn tests on different systems and with different interfaces, primarily for speed and not burn quality as that’s not an issue with the drive itself. Graphs to come!

Bring it on Two Degrees :clap:

This is the very first burn with my “760AUF,” and 18x attempt using Verbatim 16x DVD+R with the drive connected via USB2.0 to my main PC (Intel P965+ICH8R, E4300@2.4GHz). As you can see, the buffer could not sustain speeds above 16x so the drive switched to the 16x CAV write strategy. This almost exactly mirrors the write graph a Japanese user posted of his official 760AUF as seen here, albeit with different media (TDK-branded TYG03).

I thought I should include some pics of the drive itself, silly me forgetting to do it in the first post about it :o

An overall view of the beast:

Closeup of the front:

I decided to try Firewire for the next test, but I wasn’t too hopeful as it hasn’t allowed even full 16x burns with 716UF. Sure enough, the IEEE1394 connection didn’t fare as well as USB2.0.

After those tests, I decided to connect the drive to my secondary system (Intel 975X+ICH7R+E6300). The first test is with USB2.0 and the second with Firewire. Once again, 18x could not be reached and USB bested 1394.

What brand of electronics is used for the USB2 and Firewire400 interfaces? Can you post a pic of the inside of the case?

Initio INIC-1530L/AGERE L-FW802C, the same chips that are seen on YSS’s site: