Plextor PX-760A series is delayed (until further notice)!

Plextors strength and success in the market is the highly appreciated level of writing quality and reliability. According to these internal standards of quality, Plextor decided to delay the delivery for PX-760A series on a worldwide base until further notice. The 18x writing quality of our drive in combination with the available media does not meet our internal writing quality standards.
Too bad.

Seems like they’re trying to recoup by shipping a downclocked 760A as the 755A. It does seem interesting that they’re having problems with the 18x speed as the only 16x media that was certified to work at 18x was that from Taiyo Yuden. 18x was really a joke anyway though; a 16x P-CAV write speed like LG uses would make a lot more sense. But at the very least, the 755A will be up to spec with the current write speeds for DL and RW.

Instead of the preordered 760 then i’ll get the 755.

Yeah, but they deserve some credit for not pulling a Px716a TLA #0000 stunt again. To abuse overeager first-adopters in the USA just to fulfill a BB delivery date contract wasn’t very nice.

Europe, too!
So i’ve expected the drives are comin 9.12 on the first look the specs seems to be the same except 18x writing, everything is in the new AS etc.
The other thing is what to do, the 760 is still listed at their site and the 755 should comin soon. Not a bad strategy from plextor, for the guys who can’t wait
go and get the 755, and if you’re like the 760 get this sooner or later, too!

I totally agree on that … better to prepare the new flagship as best as possible than to hand over new ammo to notorious Plextor haters …

Well I was hoping I can give a try on the 18x…
But 10x DVD+R DL is also cool (I have some MKM003 8x waiting to be burned). :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s possible that a firmware update will allow a 755 -> 760 flash, but Plextor’s not exactly known for doing that. You get the specs you originally bought the drive for, and FW updates are just strategy refinements. The 716, again, was sort of an exception with its DL writing speed increased by later FW.

Maybe You can burn @18x after somebody will return from vacation :wink:

Hmm, this somebody already mentioned the hardware limitations of this other drive. :wink:

Can someone grab one for me!!??! :wink: (from this post)

And for me too. :wink:

Very nice. :slight_smile:

to G@m3fr3@k:

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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…poor Plextor, is the First time which do this in your history…

:sad: :sad: :sad:

Today, I received the letter of an apology from Plextor. A memorandum holder was enclosed as an apology. I feel sale of PX-760 will delay considerably, because of this letter.

I’ve contacted today plextor technical and sales support in europe, there’s definetely no
exact release date for the 760. The 755 bulk version would come somewhere in Dec. and
retail version middle of Jan.

716 is still the King :bigsmile: :flower:

And we have all one, don`t we people? :disagree:


Jep. :iagree:

it could be canceled & might be born again as a hd-dvd writer :wink:

btw, that’s a nice pic of @$$es :bigsmile:

I have the 750A now in my pc, instead of teh 760 and it is a good burning machine :iagree: