Plextor PX 760-A problems with verbatim mcc 004

Recently I’ve been having problems with this kind of dvds. My drive does not recognize them.
I have no problems with other media type.
Has anyone else experienced this or is my drive broken?
Thanks for your help.

Got any other dvd writers to try the verbatims out?

Your verbatim could be fakes. Did the packaging look like normal verbatim, did anything look weird with the disc. You can also look at the serial numbers on the discs. One is on the clear centre part of the hub, should begin with PAPA or PAP6 or something like that. The next part is on the recording part of the disc, in the dark purple spot. Should say something like ZD9575 etc.

Hard to say what the problem is at the moment.

Thank you cd pirate for your answer. I think they are original and I have burned them with my plextor until two days ago when I started to have problems.
I have also a liteon drive and it reads verbatim mcc 004 flawlessly.

I think your drvie may be broken,like this condition,I have never meet it,I suggest u update your burner’s firmware and try again.verbatim discs with serial number like papa and mapa are made by cmc,discs with serial number like 7326**** are made by prodisc.