Plextor PX-755SA, Gigarec and Nero


I’m trying to burn audio to a 80min CD-r of about 85 minutes with my Plextor PX-755SA. I’m trying to use the Gigarec setting 1.1 and burn using Nero while Plextools is running in the background.

But when I try to start the burn, Nero gives me the error ‘Invalid Field In Parameter’. From other threads I got the idea that there are members who where successful using Gigarec and Nero.

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out with this problem.


One cause could be related to firmware. Are you using the latest one (Version 1.08)?

Also the enabling of GigaRec is valid only for the INSERTED disc. As soon as you change the disc, the setting is reverted to normal. So you have to insert the disc first, then enable GR, then burn.

Other limits apply:

  • During recording, Buffer under run proof will not work.
  • Only DAO (disc at once) mode is supported.
  • Only CD-R media can be used.

The firmware used is v1.07 because when I updated to v1.08 it started giving me trouble to close the discs.

Yes I’m using cd-r’s and I enable Gigarec for the cd-r inserted and only burn DAO.

Maybe turn of the Windows IMAP CD Burning service.

[QUOTE=Arrow;2238422]Maybe turn of the Windows IMAP CD Burning service.[/QUOTE]

I will try it. But apart from WMP are there other burning software that uses the IMAP service?

B.T.W. The burning with the Gigarec feature worked flawlessly using PlexTools.


If it doesn’t work at all you could create an image file with the nero image recorder and burn the image file with a different, less “i dont like this driver and that service etc.” program than nero, maybe CDburner XP which is freeware.