Plextor PX-755A



I have got a PX-755A about a week ago. I’m having some problems. I used to own a 708A and burnt ritek G05 discs on the 708A with no probs, now with the 755A the discs start to either skip or fast forward, how do i correct this problem. All help will be greatly apprectied. Many thanks.


this drive obviously hates ritek discs, you better use mcc - verbatim.

did you try with AS on/auto and AS off? you also could try to create a write strategy with destructive mode…


Hi, Before I bought the 755A, I used a NEC with Ritek G05 discs. Pretty good quality. But having major problems with the discs using the 755A. I tried changing several settings and burn speeds, but nothing works. So I have to agree: 755A and Ritek G05 is not a good combination :disagree: