Plextor PX-755A (strange Problem)

first: I am from germany so please excuse my not perfect language there :wink:

I bought a PX-755A this year (february) and it worked well up to this day.

The Problem is very strange let me describe it:

The Drive is capable of reading DVD-RW DVD-R and CD-ROM and CD-R (I do not have all media types - but hats the types I usually use).
It can also read Movie DVD’s. but (here it comes:) it cannot read DVD-ROM…

(I bought “Prey” a Game yesterday, it comes on a DVD, but I cant make the Drive read it.)

when I put the Disc in it spins up then down (to full stop) again up and again down for 3 or 4 times. then it stops and the orange light blinks 2 times.

I tried with another Game DVD aswell… same Problem here…

I tried some Movie DVD all works perfect fine… o_O this is confusing me… there is no difference between Movie DVD’s and normal DVD-ROM’s isnt it? but there must be…

It must has something to do with the focus I think, but I have no Error COde Table. Firmware is 1.04 (updated it an hour ago from 1.02 but still same problem)

And it dont has something to do with Windows or something cause I paused the boot process and loaded some DVD’s… same thing: Movie DVD’s green light other DVD-ROM’s blinking orange.

so what can this be all about? strange isnt it?

These are the blink codes for the PX-716, but they should be valid for the 755 too:

thank you very much…

it means then: “Auto adjustment failed”


is there a way i can adjust the auto adjustment or something? but why are Movie DVD’s working, and only DVD-ROMs not?

If all the other discs work, recordable and movie ROM, then there is something wierd about that disc…Since it is a game, it probably has some kind of wierd copy protection that the drive cannot read. Any idea what the vendor used?


It’s SecuRom according to TweakGuides.

my “Everquest 2” DVDs aren’t working too…

beside this, I dont have to be in Windows or some other OS to be able to test the autofocus.

I just give power to the drive w/o any PC, and load some Movie-DVD’s or DVD-RW’s. which are working (I see it at the green LED) and my DVD-ROM’s not (amber blinking). You dont need a Windows to do that… and you dont need something else than a Drive, Power, and a Media.

its pure the drive… and securom, safedisc and this sort of stuff needs a processor to be executed…

so I dont think its this… (But maybe its the deffective Sectors. hmm I will need to test another pretty Normal DVD-ROm from a magazine or so - I will post my efforts here than)

you know what I think is this: when the drive loads a “Movie DVD” maybe it sets some other cache-memory settings than when it detects a “Data DVD”. so maybe my Memory on the drive is not working… but i am not sure… its still really weird…

(is there a difference between Movie DVD’s (eg 2001 - Odyssey) and Data DVD’S? Some Differences which will be the reason for different settings within the drive itself when operating (reading speed, buffer)?

It is really weird… And still the autofocus cant be the problem. as DVD(FILM) AND DVD(DATA) has similar technique on the surface right?

Lots of differences to consider. The drive should initialize everytime, IF it can read the ADIP information on the disc. If the physical quality is good (flat, not eccentric, reflectivity okay) and if the sectors can be read (no scrambling or wierd copy protection) the disc should initialize. If your CD-Rs work, the CD-R laser is okay. If your DVD-Rs initialize and write okay, and the DVDs can then be read in another computer or player, then the DVD laser is okay. If by DVD-Movies, you mean the ones you create, then the drive is okay. If by reading DVD Movies, you mean commercially available, then the drive is good. If you can’t read some games, the discs are bad or copyprotected. If you can’t read any games, but the other functions work, check software. Drives don’t care what the media is if all conditions for reading/writing are met.