Plextor PX-755A new firmware v1.02 available

Plextor PX-755A new firmware v1.02 available in Plextor Japan website.

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Is there any changelog available?

Thanks idolclub, I guess the firmware will also work in european 755 models?


Of course


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Change Log:

[I]*  Added:  Support for newer 8X DVD-R DL media.

* Improvements: Write performance on DVD+R media.
* Write performance on DVD-R media.
* Write performance on DVD+R DL media.
* Write performance on CD-R/RW media.

* Fixed bugs: Write error on Multiborder 8X DVD+R DL media.[/I]

Thanks, its also up on now, thanks :slight_smile:

Ok, so Plextor is now 2 firmware releases in for the PX-755…

what is the hold up with releasing this in America? Are they waiting for the PX-760?

When you look at the Firmware of the 755 it starts with "PLEXTOR DVDR PX-760A 0.AA01/18/06 16:00 PLEXTOR EMERALD 000 ". So the 755 is the 760, no need to wait there. As for the question why Plextor USA hasn’t yet released the 755 in America your guess is a good as mine…

Thanks idolclub!

Yes! The 755 is a 760 without 18x! This is true. Maybe in the future, a new firmware upgrade will give to the 755 the 18x… maybe…

If that is really true (no doubting what the firmware indicates, although that could be changed to PX-755A on the next release) then is the 755 a dry run for the 760? Insure the quality is great on the unit so they don’t a repeat of the Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hide PX-716A drive?

Only time will tell…

I have just updated my PX755A with the new firmware, and it appears now I can change the booktype for DVD+R and DVD+RL disks using Nero (with the CD-DVD Speed program and in the Choose Recorder option in Nero Buring Rom). Previously with the 1.01 firmware no such option was available in Nero.

Quite nice. Will get to try it later. :clap:

You can do that because plextor does no longer prevent it from working

Anyway, this is probably all I need at this time. According to the Plextor info the new firmware also enables 8x DVD-R DL support. The PX755A was released with 6x DVD-R DL support only.

Interestingly I have another partition running Windows XP with Nero (the older version) and no option to change the booktype is available in the Choose Recorder option in Nero Burning Rom. The option appears to be added in

What do they mean with 8x -RDL support? Writing @8x on 8x media or only support for 6x writing on 8x media?

That’s not exactly true in some cases. Look at this:

or is that only a(nother) bug in Nero 7 ? :cool:

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That means writing 6x on 8x media.

Originally posted by <b>Arrow</b>
That means writing 6x on 8x media.

Oh? If that is so that is a bit disappointing. I remembered some time ago when I browsed the Plextor site about the PX755A Plextor had mentioned that the drive can be upgraded to write 8x on DVD -R DL with a firmware upgrade. Now when I went there that sentence has been removed. :frowning:

Curious, I am wondering does this mean that Plextor has now retracted on that promise?

One more thing… The PX750A page specifically mentioned upgradability to 6x and 8x DVD -R DL by firmware upgrade. So I am quite sure I remembered correctly.