Plextor Px-755a Error


I hope someone can help.

I am getting a number of errors when trying a read transfer rate test with Plextools V2.32 on a dvd-r disc with TY02 dye

I have tested the disc and it works fine . The errors are:

  1. Read error at xxxxxxx, Address out of range (code 052100)

  2. Read error at xxxxxxx, Hardware error (code xxxxxx)

Has anyone got any ideas?? The problem is intermittent. The disc may scan fine one moment and give any of the above error the next.

My drive is connected via USB through an external Akasa housing.

Any info or advice would be welcomed.

I came across this when some virtual disc drive was active (CloneCD and the like). And turn off the “Hide CD-R” switch in the PT.