Plextor PX-755A "bad"/not optimal burner or scanner?

I still haven’t bought a drive, as someone might remember the #1 priority was quality of the discs burned. #2 it would be nice with good scaning abilities and ability to read bad/scratched discs.

Not very important at all is price, overspeed, overburn, good for backups, good ripper, good cd-burner, and so on.

Media will be Taiyo Yuden DVD+R media only I suppose, except if my Gamecube can’t read that and I will have to use Riteks for that anyway.

As it is now Pioneer DVR-111D and LG H22N looks like good burners, but the first one doesn’t do quality scans and is it really better than the PX-755A? The scans I’ve seen from the LG seems to say it’s a very nice drive but it doesn’t do quality scans at all.

An alternative would be the Benq DW1650 which seems to do it all but is it really BETTER than the PX-755A?

If I get the LG I suppose I should get a lite-on for scans if I want that, but will that drive to scans better than the Plextor? I can do whatever is necessary to “fix” the Plextor so CD/DVD speed or kprobe works, right? Is it any worse than the lite-on then? (I’ve understood that with plextools you can just do one test at the time which makes the whole process take long time, but that is a problem with the program and not the drive, or?)

So, I guess the question is:
Shall I get the PX-755A? Or would I really get better results with the LG H22N + one lite-on drive (seems so retarded to buy two drives when you will just use one as scanner and never as burner but I guess since they are cheap that doesn’t matter, the PX-755A is cheaper than getting two drives thought.)

Or is something else even better?

I guess the answer is [B]YES [/B]
I found the plextor to be a very good burner and ripper and also a scanner! It’s like 3 or 4 Drives in one. :slight_smile:

My current drive is the LG GMA-4020b

DVD Write Speeds  	2x, 1x (DVD-R)
1x (DVD-RW)
2x (DVD-RAM)
DVD Read Speeds 	10x Max (DVD-ROM)
8x Max (DVD-R/RW)
8x Max (DVD+R/RW)
2x, 1x (DVD-RAM)

Most of the new drives read at 10 or 12x to? Not many reads at 16x? So I guess a new drive as “reader” if I decide to make copy of discs or whatever won’t help much either? So I’m not losing out much there on the Plextor either?

What is DAE btw? :smiley:

Also I expected that maybe the LG is much newer than the Plextor it will have even more improvements to come, wheras the Plextor isn’t likely to get much more improvements at all?

Update your Nero. :slight_smile:
Plextor supports their drives much better than LG does.
LG’s current policy is releasing a huge zoo of different drives with only minor changes to show that they would be technologically ahead, while Plextor didn’t do that. The Plextor PX-716A, for example, was initially released with 4x DVD+R DL and NO DVD-R DL support, but firmware upgrades enabling 6x DVD+R DL and 6x DVD-R DL burning were released later on.
If you want a drive to keep for a long time and want to spend a little bit more, a Plextor may be a better choice.

Yeah, it seems like whole H10, H20 and H50 is more or less the same? But the H22L looks nice anyway, but maybe it won’t improve that much more anyway then.

But still the PX-755/PX-760 is quite “old” now, but maybe that doesn’t matter so much since what should improve anyway? I guess DVDs are quite mature nowadays and maybe the only improvement would be 20x instead of 18.

Also I read that PX-755 probably are exactly the same drive as the PX-760 so who knows, maybe one can upgrade it into a PX-760 later on.

The Px-755 isn’t much more, the PX-760 on the other hand is like twice the money of the rest, but I would go with the PX-755 in that case since I will probably only burn at the recommended speed to not lose any quality anyway.

Regarding nero I don’t care, just tried to find the function you people used :wink:
I will probably burn with cdrecord-prodvd/k3b or maybe toast or whatever the os x program is called.