Plextor PX-755A and "advanced intelligent tilt" PUH

I have a Plextor PX-755A which i’m very happy about, but i’m now beginning to think about if i should instead get a PX-760A(if i still can…). I’m not interrested in the higher write/read speeds at all, but only about if it’s correct that the PX-760A features an “advanced intelligent tilt” PUH and which the PX-755A dosen’t ?

Before the PX-760A came out, then i could read that this was the main difference between the two drives(besides of course the small speed differences), but then after it came out in stores, then i couldn’t find any mentions about if the PUH’s of the two drives where different or exactly the same or what ?

So if anyone in the know, could please tell me if the PUH’s of the PX-755A and the PX-760A are exactly the same, of if they indeed are different, then i would very much appreciate it :slight_smile: Also, if they are different, then do you think it’s a big effect this will have or what ? Also, i’m alittle concerned about the highly acclaimed germain magacine C’T has given the PX-755A a very bad review and then the PX-760A got a much better review, or so i have read, as i don’t speak german personally, but then this got me to thinking about if there really didn’t was something about the PX-760A that was better than the PX-755A despite the small speed defferences ? I mean, there were sometime apart from the release dates of the two drives, so couldn’t they have improved the PX-760A alittle in terms of better quality reading/writing in that extra engenering period it had before it got released ?

Thank’s in advance.

[B]both have “advanced intelligent tilt”.[/B]


Actually the 755A is the “original” 760A; but the quality at 18x was not good enough so Plextor created a “new” 760A (i don’t know the differences but the firmware is exactly the same for both drives!) and named 755A the first revision.

Thank you for your reply, mate :slight_smile:

I did actually know the “trivia” part, but i was just curious to the PUH issue, since the advanced PUH where mentioned in the japanese specs for the 760A, but just not for the 755A and so it was believed here(cdfreaks forum) that the PUHs would be different, but then after the 760A came out in stores then i haven’t found any mention of anybody actually investigating if the PUHs really where different or not…

Anyway, thank’s for letting me know that the PUHs are the same, mate :slight_smile:

Edit: Hmm, after rereading your post, then i can see that you said that you don’t know the difference between the two drives other than the speed part, but then how do you know that the PUHs are identical ???

I do know that the firmwares are identical and that the motor, disc-tray, airholes and write speed are different, but i don’t know about the PUHs…

i don’t know if the PUHs are the same; i only know that 755A also have advanced intelligent tilt.

For your question about burning quality, you can compare the graphs in the two threads below:

[QUOTE=Martin H;1941100]
but then how do you know that the PUHs are identical ???

I do know that the firmwares are identical and that the motor, disc-tray, airholes and write speed are different, but i don’t know about the PUHs…[/QUOTE]

At least from exterior looks the PUH is identical. See:

Someone said the PUH changed on the later models (TLA#00xx -> TLA#01xx). However i haven’t seen hard evidence yet (and i don’t feel like opening one of my units).

@moomsman & hwp :

Thank you very much to the both of you for your helpfullness, - it’s very much appreciated :slight_smile:

760A TLA 0000 uses SANYO DS10K.
TLA 0103 uses SANYO DS10H.

I have just found some very detailed spec’s for the PX-755A and the PX-760A :

PX-755A (TLA#00xx) Optic’s : 5818K-54 DS10K 0 F DFAJ031CD

PX-760A (TLA#00xx) Optic’s : 5Y05K6-55 DS10K 0 G DF14BG2

However, i don’t know if the other part than the DS10K is actually relevant ?

I couldn’t translate those pages to english with Babelfish, but i found this line in the page about the PX-755A : “Technologie IntelligentTilt”

Also i found another page where i saw this line :

SANYO DS10K 估计是755和早期760用的,出问题,后来出的760都改进用SANYO DS10H了

And also another line which verified what geekrule previously posted(about the PX-760A PUHs changing from one TLA# to another) :

一种是TLA 0000用的,型号是SANYO DS10K。
一种是TLA 0103用的,型号是SANYO DS10H。

Source :

Also this page i couldn’t translate with Babelfish unfortunetly…

From my experience because i have and use both drives(755 and 760) there are no real differences in terms of quality!I dont know the TLA of my drivesi will have a look and post again maybe tomorrow.

Thank you very much for your reply, Elkukuo :slight_smile: Very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay Martin H!(really busy these days)Both are TLA 00## and there is no real difference in writing quality whatsoever.

Thank you very much again, my friend :slight_smile:

Wow it’s my post which the Chinese thread quoted above.:bigsmile:

The 760A cost me very little money but it’s read-only. One day, a friend told me he has some brand new 760A pickups and let me check my 760A’s original pickup model. I photoed mine. But after my friend watched the pictures he said his model is DS10H, different from my pictures, only fit for 760A TLA#01xx. So the poor 760A continues its DVD-ROM usage…and then I put that Chinese thread on.