Plextor PX-740UF (External drive - rebadged BENQ 1640)

I have a Plex PX-740UF ( Well, it’s not a bad drive, and after crossflashing it to a Benq 1640 I like it even more, but there’s one really annoying thing: This external drive has a very loud fan.

Has anyone deactivated the fan? Is it safe to do so? Or will the drive really die the heat-death?


How i can crossflash a PX-740 to Benq 1640? Can you help me! :bow:

Read the FAQ the same method applies or use Quikee’s new BQFlasher. If you use WinDWFlash you need a firmware in .cvt form if you use BQFlasher you can use the firmware in its .exe form e.g BSMB.exe

  • Hi - all the externals I have [about a half-dozen ATM] came with relatively annoying fans.

Quiet 40mm fans are tough to source - I ended up sourcing magnetic bearing ones - these are available from Sunon:

  • & you can see from their spec page that there’s a 40mm KDE1204PKV3 model which is rated at only 18dBA [genuinely quiet].

Running an external without a fan would IMHO be pushing your luck.

Thanks a lot!

I live in Germany, seems that the one you mentioned, is available here: