Plextor PX-740UF dvd read error

For some reason some of the DVDs I burnt aren’t being read by the 740UF. The DVDs read on some other dvd drives (tested internal IDE drives so far) but when in the 740, the drive shows as a cd drive saying “not accessible incorrect function” in my computer in XP. I have the latest 1.02 firmware aswell. I bought this 740UF drive because my external sony drx-710 was doing the same thing!! I tried both external drives with other computers and same problem, so this leads me to beleive its the drive, not the computer. maybe its because the drive is external? I tried both USB2 and firewire, no luck. also this scenario only happens when I burn “udf/iso” dvds. when its UDF the external drives read just fine, same with iso. all the internal IDE drives I tried so far read udf/iso though. I used nero 6.6 for burning. I don’t know the name brand of the dvds, doesn’t say, generic probably. I thought the 740 drive reads everything! well if you can help me out please feel free :smiley:

wow look at all the replies I’m getting!!!

Well, your problem is a real difficult one, hence the lack of replies. Plextor users are rather rare here and the number with an external are probably in the single digits.

In order to troubleshoot this you need to eliminate some things. First it would be helpful to try out one of these problem DVDs on a computer with an internal drive. As external connections are usually a problem with writing and not reading I really don’t think that the problem is external related, but that will eliminate it if I am right. I am assuming that your Plextor is in an external case as built, not something you put together.

You also should try and see if your discs can be read on a ROM drive. I once found some discs that somehow were burned in a way to leave the disc open and the only way to read them was on a ROM; makes no sense. Also, get CDSpeed and take a look at one of these discs and see what it says in disc info.

My best guess is that your method of burning is the problem. I am not really sure what you are doing with Nero but I would download the demo of CloneDVD from Slysoft and see what you get with a burn there.

Hope that gives you a start at fixing this and welcome to the forum.

I took out the internal drive and hooked it up to my computer via IDE. My computer recognized it as a PX-740A drive (and it probably is one). I had the same other LITE-ON COMBO SOHC-4836k read the dvd fine showing its a udf 1.02 file system. Also with Nero InfoTool the LITE-ON drive has a check by “c2 Errors” … the Plextor does not. and the Plextor is on region one while on the lite-on the region isn’t selected. I did the nero cd-dvd speed software tests. wouldn’t work with the plextor. I’m starting to think this is a hardware problem

Hi :slight_smile:
The Plextor doesn’t support scanning etc via CD/DVDSpeed. The lack of response is not only down to few Plextor owners of this 740 ext, but most users haven’t kept this drive as a Plextor. This is because it’s a BenQ 1640 clone & as such isn’t & won’t have full support of Plextools. As already mentioned the 740 doesn’t support CD/DVDSpeed hence most users I know have crossflashed this drive to either a 1640 or 164B (BenQ’s own external version) which does support CD/DVDSpeed functions.
Are the DVD’s you’ve burnt region free? As your drive is set to 1, you might need either rpc1 patched f/w or s/w such as AnyDVD.

Have you tried CloneDVD yet?