Plextor PX-740UF --> BenQ 1640

I’m still debating on whether to crossflash the Plextor PX-740UF v1.02 to a BenQ 1640. From what I understand there are slight performance gains, however I’m not quite sure whether the PX-740UF can be crossflashed to the 1640. Even if I decide to take this route, I still lack the files to flash (.CVT files). Any advice or help would be much appreciated.

You don’t need CVT file, just use BQFlasher with the official 1640 firmware.

:bow: Thank you! :bow: Oh, by the way is the crossflash worth the risk?

I did it long ago…no regrets!


Ok I’m a padawan with so take it easy please! my question! ! I can take my Plextor 740UF which just lastnite I went to a friends to update to 1.2 firmware I using this drive with a Mac Powerbook G-4 and do a BenQ update 1640 update as well! as well!

Sorry, what’s the question??

Can I do the Benq cross flash update on my 740UF with out messing it up since I have come to find out it’s Benq 1640 correct!
I did the firmware update 1.2 from Plextor and no problems since!
I’m Mac Powerbook user so I believe most of this is setup for windows

yes, the 740 is a rebaged BenQ1640.
You will get more functions with the BenQ firmware (support for QSuite, more scanning abilities,…)
I would use firmware BSLB RPC-1 from here:

As zevia said, use the BQFlasher for that. (Mom…does it work under MacOS? No idea…zevia? Quikee?)

But be aware: you will lose your guarantee when you crossflash!

Thank you very much for the info!

doesn’t let me flash my px-740UF with the BSLB RPC-1 like you said it would

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Take a look at this: It should help.

Yep - read the guide! (see under crossflashing)
Besides, you don’t have to restart in safe mode-I never heard about problems with flashing in the normal windows environment.