Plextor PX-740UF and booktyping/bitsetting

Thinking about buying the PX-740UF external today at Tiger (today is last day for only $50). Does it allow booktyping? Someone said PlexTools will do it, if so, does it come with the drive? If not, what would work? On Plextors site (FAQs) it says: "Does Plextor provide a “book-setting” utility to work with Plextor DVD recordable drives? No. Some vendors provide a “book-setting” or “bit-setting” utility that changes the identifying code on DVD recordable media to simulate DVD-ROM media. This is done in order to increase the compatibility of recordable media with older DVD players. Current published standards for recordable media do not provide for changing the book type, i.e., DVD+R to DVD-ROM. Because Plextor Corp. is a signatory to these standards, this type of non-standard function is currently not supported in Plextor drives.

I want this feature, so I’m not sure what to do about buying this drive.